Lee Executive Search

Recruit, from the French recrue, from the verb recrôitre, “to grow again”, i.e. to replenish the ranks. That’s us, and our success is straightforward.  We know how to network! Whether using traditional techniques or cutting edge Internet based tools, we stay connected. Companies call on us to find and help them “Hire the Best for the Best.”

Lee Executive Search enjoys a national reputation built on expertise, discipline and professionalism. The Lee Group emphasizes building long-term relationships with clients as well as candidates. To ensure superior service and knowledge, each of our search consultants specializes in a specific discipline. Our consultants research and understand the inner workings and culture of their client companies. They take the same approach with candidates, getting to know them professionally as well as personally. This tailored approach allows our consultants to truly understand their candidates’ and clients’ needs.

At The Lee Group, our executive search team understands that it is critical to your company’s success to find and retain the best talent in your industry.

The Lee Group Executive Search Division will be an asset to your organization, building a business partnership that identifies and provides access to the top talent you want. Our consultants work diligently, discreetly, and with integrity to fulfill our clients’ needs, they are what make The Lee Group different from any other search division.

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