Employer Frequently Asked Questions

When can I make an employee permanent?

Actually never, you don’t want to use the terms permanent and employment together, Virginia is an “at will” state so an employee or an employer can terminate the employment relationship at anytime and for any reason.

How many hours must an employee work before they are eligible to be my employee?

Typically 640 hours. We are flexible depending on the number of employees you have previously hired from us and the number of Lee Group employees currently working with you.

Do you charge a conversion fee?

We do not charge a conversion fee at the end of our employees’ assignment.

What if I want to hire your employee before the end of their assignment?

We will negotiate a buy out fee with you if you choose to convert a Lee Group employee to your payroll before they have worked 640 hours.

Do you conduct background checks on your employees and what does this incline?

We do background checks on all employees. Background checks are more complex than most people realize. They are different databases and sources of information available. We will consult with you to discuss your policies and match our background checks with your policies.

Do you drug test your employees?

We offer a three to five panel drug test depending on our client’s needs. We do not charge our clients for drug screens when you hire an employee from us.

What testing services do you offer?

We are able to offer online or in-house assessments for a wide array of skill sets and pre-employment assessments. Some of the most frequently administered tests include: Data entry, typing, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. We also have math and industrial assessments available. We have hundreds of assessments available and can tailor the ones we administer to match your hiring needs. Consult a Lee Group staffing manager to find out what tests are available.