Lee Executive Search

Competition for qualified professionals is fierce. Finding the best candidates can take you across town or across the country.

When The Lee Group was founded in 1971, text messaging, emails and LinkedIn weren’t available to recruiters. So we did it the only way we knew how – developed relationships.

Today, with the Lee Group Search team, we maximize the tools to connect people to companies and candidates to positions – like LinkedIn and emails. But the foundation of how we operate remains the same.

It’s about developing relationships.

Our process is how we differentiate ourselves. How we do what we do. The majority of recruiters out there get a job order, source some candidates and throw resumes together and are not involved. We develop a relationship with clients and candidates to make that perfect match.

Lee Group Search is more than just a headhunting and recruiting firm. It’s about connecting with clients and candidates, providing consultation and counseling and making a match that’s set up for the long term.

We’re the dating service of recruitment.

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