Now Hiring: Quality Control Technician Out of Newport News, Virginia Lee Group Office

Listed on: January 11, 2019

The Lee Group recruitment team in Newport News, Virginia is now hiring for a Quality Control Technician.

Candidates for this job must be able to perform lab preparation activities and analyses, effectively communicate with co-workers, perform a variety of analytical tests on finished goods and raw materials, work in both a team environment and independently as needed, and actively work to encourage a culture of quality amongst co-workers.

Job Description & Responsibilities:

• Evaluate incoming raw materials and outgoing “finished” flavors, maintaining appropriate records.
• Performs analytical and organoleptic tests of raw materials & finished products (sensory, physical, chemical, microbiological).
• Compound commercial flavors, keys & concentrates in a lab environment.
• Develop and maintain specifications of flavor compounds.
• Maintain Q.C. laboratory including procurement of lab supplies.
• Keep laboratory equipment operational by performing daily calibrations.
• Responsible for laboratory record keeping and documentations.
• Prepare Certificate of Analysis reports for outgoing shipments.
• Assist with regulatory requirements and related record-keeping.
• Understand and follow all applicable HACCP, GMP, SQF and related concepts.
• Maintains a clean and safe work environment.
• Communicates effectively with all departments to support quality and food safety at all times
• Responsible for ensuring food safety and notifying production and quality management of food safety risks.

Job Requirements:

• B.S. Degree in Food Science, Chemistry or Related Field
• 1-2+ years in a laboratory environment
• Knowledge of analytical testing procedures including instrumentation and chemical analyses
• Strong organoleptic skills
• Strong mathematical skills, reading comprehension and proficiency in required computer systems
• Strong communication and writing skills
• Ability to multi-task
• Attention to detail and the ability to discern variation in color, taste and aroma
• Maintain a clean and safe work environment
• Ability to work in a fast pace environment and respond positively to changes in daily duties and workload
• Can work independently with limited supervision and as part of a team

All applicants must submit to a pre-employment drug screen as well as a criminal background check prior to job placement.

Please submit a resume with detailed work experience and your most current phone number to



    My experience with The Lee Group has been exceptional.  The staff has always been reliable and upfront about their expectations.  I have watched them work feverishly to place me in a job that matched my skills, career goals and schedule.  Today I am working at Highliner Foods as a Warehouse Receiving Team Lead while working on a Bachelor’s Degree.  I love going to work every day and I owe it all to Kelly, Lena and the outstanding staff at The Lee Group. Place your future in their hands.  You won’t regret it.  Good Luck!

    ~ Richie Staton



    I’ve had a professional relationship with The Lee Group for over a year now.  First as an associate when Jessica Runge placed me on an assignment as a Human Resources Coordinator.  After eleven months of working for the company as a temporary employee, I was hired on as a permanent employee and am now the main contact for one of their largest clients.  The service is exceptional and I would recommend them to anyone.

    ~ Kelsey

  • In October of 2012 I was laid off from my job. I mentioned this to my hairdresser who gave me the business card of Sheryl Dinger at The Lee Group. I thought that I didn’t need help finding a new job, it would be no problem. Two months later I still had no leads so I called Sheryl. I was able to interview with her before the week was out and she already had a lead on a job. Sheryl prepped me for the interview with the company with valuable insight into what the company was looking for, what they did and the type of employee they were looking for. Sheryl stayed in contact throughout the interview process and was a great source of encouragement. I was hired for a six month temp position. Within four months of the assignment, the company had hired me full time.

    ~ Cris Walters


    My name is Gerry Rivera presently working for ABC I was given the opportunity to work with this company thru The Lee Group staffing agency. I was out of work for 2 months when Mrs. Cindy Harp contacted me. She told me that she got a position for me for one of their long time customer and my experience is a good fit and She is absolutely right, after I met Mr. Dan Gauldin of ABC. We both know that we share the same passion on how to make things better, specially on our side which  is the mechanical side. Mr. Gauldin and Mr. London are very supportive people.

    ~ Gerry Rivera


    I moved in the area in 2008 and was seeking employment. I searched online and came across the Lee Group. My need was crucial to them. They took my skills and qualifications and found a job that was a good fit for me. They kept in contact with me throughout the temporary employment process, which later became my full time employment. And even after my temporary services were no longer required they were still intentional about checking on my well being. The Lee Group is not just an organization, it is a people based brand that cares about their people before, during, and after the employment process.

    ~ Chris Cannady

  • My name is Betty Hall and I have had to awesome experiences with The Lee Group.  My first encounter I went to the office in Chesapeake and spoke with Sheryl Dinger. She said she needed 3 people to work 2nd shift at TFC recycling I replied no you need 2 people.  She then asked if I was a morning or evening person again I replied I’m an unemployed person.  I went to work and after being there for 3 months I was hired on permanently.

    I had been at TFC for a year.   Just by luck I ran into Sheryl Dinger.  We talked and I told her I was still at TFC and I asked her if she had anything else.   She said yes.  I put in my resignation at TFC and started working at Coresix.  Ater working again for 3 months I became permanent.

    ~ Betty Hall

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