Team Members

Ananis Santiago Lugo

Ananis Santiago Lugo, Business Development Manager

Ananis Santiago Lugo is the Business Development Manager for The Lee Group’s Richmond, Va., office where she supports the firm’s mission to help companies find the right people to grow their business.

Originally from Yauco, Puerto Rico, Ananis spent 20 years working in the hospitality industry – a market that well-prepared her to work at The Lee Group. Ananis draws many similarities: hospitality is about making people feel good, making them feel special and having a fabulous experience. Working in the staffing industry – particularly The Lee Group – also is about making people feel good. Ananis embraces The Lee Group difference and sees it as giving hope and offering new beginnings to people who want to improve their lives and be their best.

“Coming from the hospitality industry, everything was about helping others and being there for others,” said Santiago Lugo. “I brought that passion to the staffing industry. What drives me is wanting to make a difference in people’s lives.”

People spend more time in their work than they do sometimes at home, Santiago Lugo said.

“If you want to have people committed to do what they need to do in their job and to your company, they have to be satisfied, and you have to offer them a sense of belonging, and show them that what they do matters.”

Fluent in English and Spanish, Santiago Lugo especially enjoys serving Hispanic customers and individuals who are looking for staffing assistance.

Ananis recalls an immigrant employee who was so thankful to be able to speak to Ananis in his native language, Spanish, and connect with her on a personal level. Ananis could see how eager the man was to get back to work and provide for his family. The Lee Group was able to help this employee find a job and give him the chance he wanted to succeed and feel good.

Ananis believes having a job is important all around. It affords employees a good present and better future; it helps The Lee Group employer clients run a profitable organization and operation; and for The Lee Group, it allows the team to see how it can impact lives in a positive way.

Outside the office, Ananis enjoys reading, television and travel (she’s visited more than 20 countries in Europe, South America, North America, Central America and the Caribbean), but what she enjoys most is spending time with her son Alejandro, her Mom and their dog, Sky.