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Dena Alexander

Dena Alexander

Dena Alexander is Branch Manager for The Lee Group, taking a hands-on approach to leading operations in the firm’s Newport News, VA location. From assisting with recruiting to handling client communications or developing a legacy, Dena is always accessible and fosters a positive environment to ensure customer satisfaction.

For Dena, The Lee Group difference is about taking the time to build relationships that grow into partnerships – and being a subject matter expert for those seeking advice and help. She finds it gratifying to be an influence in a person’s life just by doing what you love, every day.

Dena knows that partnerships are built on trust, and that means being honest with clients about what’s best for their business. She recalls a time when a client was struggling to get the staffing quality they needed, which led Dena and the HR manager to do a deep dive into the compensation, job functions and other aspects of the position. After careful market analysis and a discovery that employees in the job function were underpaid, the client instituted a pay raise – all driven by the honest communication and trust between Dena and the HR staff.

Ultimately, Dena does what it takes to ensure each candidate is being matched with the perfect client. She understands it is a long-term commitment for all parties involved, and she takes great satisfaction when The Lee Group is not only able to meet a client’s needs but also the employee as well.

In her free time, Dena enjoys anything that challenges her mentally and physically – whether it’s a tough workout class or game night with the family. She also loves to travel, finding the ability to experience new cultures and environments so fulfilling.

A graduate of Radford University, Dena joined The Lee Group in 2015.